Tony Abbott Brands Leadership Spill A “Game Of Thrones” At Townsville Address

It’s day 30000 of #LibSpill, or at least it truly feels like it, and Tony Abbott has finally made the comparison to the chaos we needed, nay, deserved.

At a visit to Townsville this morning with local MP and LNP deputy Julie Bishop, announcing that international flights will be on the agenda for Townsville airport, media questions quickly descended into spill territory—because this is Australia, and we care naught for anything but what amounts to a playground fight for the riches. 

“We are determined to give you the certainty that you voted for. Despite some distractions I am just getting on with government. We are all here to get on with government because that’s what Australia deserves,” Tony Abbott said.

But here is where King Joff makes the current mess all too clear, while saying he was not prepared to recreate the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years: “Australia has always been a stable country with stable government. There was this erruption of instability during the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years and the last thing that anyone wants is to see a government in this country turn into some sort of Game of Thrones.”

A Game of Thrones, people. A Game of Thrones.

The atmosphere in Canberra is mixed among senior MPs- old mate Malcolm has been mum on the situation since yesterday, with Cersei Julie Bishop standing her ground: “I don’t support a spill motion. I support the Prime Minister, I support the leader and I have proven since 2007 that is the role I will play.”

Then again, all Abbott needs is a simple majority of the caucus room (52 votes of 102) to decide his fate. Till Tuesday, all shall envy the crown.