‘Tonightly’ Addressed Its Imminent Cancellation With An Oiled-Up Pisstake

Last night’s Tonightly With Tom Ballard showed the doomed current affairs programme at its best – and at its deliberate, irredeemable worst.

Just days after it was revealed the ABC has chosen not to fund the comedy show past September 7, Tonightly charged ahead with its dissection of the Fraser Anning debacle and the most recent developments in the Julian Assange saga. So, business as usual.

The show also addressed its imminent demise with a new segment entitled Why The Fuck Not?

A peppy little image of ABC managing director Michelle Gurthrie chucking a shrug appeared onscreen as Ballard explained its premise: the show will be toast in less than a month, so they’re just going to do whatever the hell they want from now on.

That includes… well, this.


Yes, your taxpayer dollars contributed to comedian Greg Larsen hoisting up some undies and spasming all over a lubricated tarp, and we’re a better nation for it.

The segment also came after one of the most glorious risk assessments we can imagine, and the fact Tonightly staff had make sure Mr. Oily was legally compliant makes the whole thing that much greater.

Expect Tonightly to get even wilder from here on out, folks. Again: why the fuck not?