Tom Holland May Or May Not Have Just Leaked The Title To ‘Spider-Man 2’ 

If you’ve tuned into the hundreds of interviews Tom Holland has done for Marvel, you’ll know he has a tendency to accidentally leak important information from the films. He’s not the only one though because Mark Ruffalo has been known to spoil a couple of scenes despite other actors trying to stop them. Now, Holland may or may not have leaked the title to his Spider-Man sequel. I say maybe because he can’t be that naive.

The kid knows – he knows. 

Peep the caption:

So, Holland’s currently at the Seattle Ace Comic-Con meeting fans and whatnot. Sometime during it he decided to post an apology video… specifically captioned “Sorry for no announcements, but I love you guys,” before literally telling us he has the script to Spider-Man 2. 

Then he holds up this baby:

Yep, that is an iPad displaying the aforementioned script titled Spider-Man: Far From Home. 

A title that before this moment, had yet to be RELEASED.

You can chuck the full video a suss, below, and do note that before Holland holds up the iPad, he says he knows nothing about the sequel or any of the rumours. Mate.

Well, there you go. Spider-Man: Far From Home is now official.

If you’ve never see Holland in action – and by action I mean spilling the beans – then have a giggle at a moderately concerned/ stressed out Benedict Cumberbatch intervening every single time Holland’s about to say something that’ll piss off Mr. Stark.


Considering the MCU universe won’t be making an appearance at the massive San Diego Comic-Con next month, it makes sense that Marvel would ~ allow ~ some news to slip. And as for the actual sequel, everyone else is being pretty tight-lipped about it. Although, reports indicate the flick will hit cinemas July 5, 2019 and Jake Gyllenhaal is tipped to play the big ol’ baddie.

As for how Peter Parker comes back to life in this movie, or if the sequel’s set before the universe has gone to shits, is yet to be explained… or talked about by Tommy boy.