Tom Felton Revealed The Reason Alan Rickman Told Him Off On The HP Set & It’s Pure Snape Vibes

The world is scoring a hell of a lot more Harry Potter tea thanks to a new book by your boyfriend Draco Malfoy, known in the Muggle world as Tom Felton. He’s spilled the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans on why acting legend Alan Rickman told him off behind the scenes.

Sorry, but can you imagine anything more terrifying than THE Professor Severus Snape telling you off in full character costume? I’d have an absolute Jelly-Legs Jinx on me.

Felton’s new book Beyond The Wand will be released on October 18. It’s a memoir discussing his time on the HP set, so I’m sure everyone will be chomping at the bit to Accio it off the shelves.

In a video posted to his socials, Felton dished a little bit into one particular BTS interaction with Alan Rickman during Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

“I was told in no uncertain terms, by Alan Rickman, ‘Don’t step on my fucking cloak’.”

“I sort of giggled, the Death Eaters and I looked at each other and thought: ‘Is he joking?’

“It quickly became apparent he was definitely not joking.”

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But alas, in the next take, director David Yates got Felton to walk as close as he could to Rickman. I can feel the suspense building.

They got halfway down the Great Hall before Felton did, in fact, step on the cloak.

“You have to bear in mind, his cloak is attached round his neck. [I] nearly killed the poor man,” he said.

“He turned around and gave me a look like you never, ever want to see.

“Very luckily, the next take someone else stepped on his cloak, so that kind of took the heat away from me.”

I think this is clearly evidence that the cloaks on the Harry Potter set were far too long and voluminous.

We also recently got an insight into Alan Rickman’s perspective on the Harry Potter films as his diaries are being posthumously published.

In excerpts of his diaries published by The Guardian, Rickman wrote about trying to leave the franchise a number of times.

And on The Half-Blood Prince, he described having the urge to “bang the three Davids’ [Yates and producers David Heyman and David Barron] heads against the nearest wall”.

I get the character development and the spiffing effects (dazzling), but where is the story????” he wrote. 

Look, maybe he was just really annoyed by the whole cloak incident?