Tom DeLonge Is Making A Sci-Fi TV Show About Aliens & We Wanna Believe

After leaving Blink 182 three years ago with the sudden realisation that “hey, maybe aliens DO exist“, your favourite punk-turned-UFO-truther Tom DeLonge is now in the works to develop a sci-fi TV series.

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It’s a straight-up adaptation of ‘Strange Times‘, the graphic novel penned by DeLonge, where a bunch of skateboarders from San Diego decide to investigate their local city’s paranormal activity. Oh, and they’re apparently being chased by “Deep State government agents” which is extremely funny, to me.

Look it’s pretty much Tom’s take on his own life, really.

Deadline reports that the upcoming series is looking to be an adult cartoon, and has DeLonge quoted as saying that the series will have all of his loves combined into one; aliens, skateboarding, and offensive humour. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

It’s not the first time that DeLonge has tried to get Strange Times adapted to the screen, either. In early 2017, NME reported that he was trying to get the graphic novel series turned into a fully-fledged film, with DeLonge’s band Angels & Airwaves providing the movie’s score.

Obviously, as its still very much in the fledgling stages of production, Strange Times has no projected live date but you can bet your sweet bippy we’ll keep you across it.

DeLonge’s UFO research company, To The Stars, apparently has a ‘storytelling’ arm, which is where the TV series comes in, in case you were wondering. Deadline also reports that Strange Times originally began as a fringe site of DeLonge’s, where he would routines write about paranormal goings-on.

Will I watch this, half our of pure curiosity and half out of wanting to livetweet all my thoughts? Absolutely yes.