Tiah Eckhardt To Pose for French Playboy

Tiah Eckhardt is going to be in French Playboy!

I get all jolly when I see “Frockwriter just updated their blog” buzz up out of my RSS. It usually means two things, firstly; well written content and secondly; quirky facts/news surrounding Australia’s fashion industry.

I personally have copius amounts of respect for FW and it’s founder/writer Patty Huntington, primarily due to FW’s championing of Australia centric content and PH’s au courant awareness to Australia’s world class talent. *Especially considering the majority of Australia’s media (particularly in the creative fields, _____ ____ I’m looking at you) tend to over look their big island home when it comes to filling the pages/posts of their publication.

Ok enough ramble…The best* thing FW has ever done is alert us the fact that Pedestrian’s own model red head Tiah Eckhardt aka “the holy grail” (of rangas) is going to be in French Playboy!

FW picked up the scoop from Steph Carta’s blog aka Pedestrian’s homegirl who was too skinny for OZ fashion week:

“I cant get no sleep!
im too aware, quote me, and take a picture it lasts longer
Tiah Eckhardt’s gonna be in french Playboy!”

There’s no images yet which is the only downside, however I promise as soon as they’re published…

I bet you can’t wait, I bet you just subscribed I bet you’re glad you subscribed after you saw Lily bare all a few weeks ago. We’ll keep you posted.

The Joy of Sex According to Tiah Eckhardt.