This One Deleted Scene From The ‘GoT’ Finale Could Change Everything In S8

Say what you will about the show that’s got everyone all jazzed on incest all of a sudden – that last episode of the penultimate season of Game Of Thrones was a dead-set doozy.

But what if I told you that it could have been… even doozier?

According to the episode outline leaked to Reddit forum r/freefolk before the broadcast, there’s one tiny but crucial scene missing from S07E07 that could change everything.

(If you’re feeling sceptical about the veracity of said outline leak, btw, bear in mind that literally everything else in it was in the episode, and there have been multiple confirmed HBO leaks and hacks plaguing the entire season. We’re dealing with just about as close to confirmed as we can possibly get.)

Are you ready?

In the outline, we see a final Cersei scene, after Jaime has (finally) noped outta there upon discovering her insane treachery and genuinely batshit plan to take back half of Westeros while Dragons & Co. are up north fighting the cast of the Thriller video.

The scene is brief but chilling, and like we said, it changes everything:

In the middle of the night, Cersei wakes up in her bedroom. Something is wrong. She gets out of bed and grabs a lantern to find that her nightgown and bed are soaked in blood. She screams.

This game-changer slots into the outline just after we see Jaime, no longer in his Lannister finery, get freaked out by a snowflake landing on his glove, and clearly depicts the Queen of the Realm suffering a miscarriage.

Rumours are flying that the bed-of-blood scene – which neatly mirrors the scene of Jon/Aegon Targaryen‘s birth – has been bumped to Season 8 rather than cut entirely.

We are desperately hoping this is the case, because pretty much the only thing tethering Cersei to sanity has been her family and children. Without a prospective sprog’s interests to think of, she’s heading straight for deep Mad Queen territory, and god, I want to see that shit happen. You think you’ve seen conniving, backstabbing and lies so far? JUST YOU FKN WAIT.