The Most Popular Word Used By Teens Has Been Around For Bloody Decades

To celebrate English Language Day today (yeah, it’s a thing), Facebook Messenger and YouGov Galaxy surveyed teens across the country to find out what young people are bloody saying.

While there seems to be some new additions in there, the top entry has actually been around for decades. Yep, everyone’s still saying ‘dude’, dude.

Dubbed “Teen-glish”, the team surveyed 500 teens between the ages of 13 and 19 to find out what words they like to use. In terms of the top 5, dude took out first place, ‘K’ came in second, ‘Salty’ was third, and ‘LOL’ and ‘savage’ rounded out fourth and fifth place respectively.

The survey found some new niche words that fewer are using, including ‘peng’, ‘eets’, and ‘peak’. If you’ve never heard of those (same) peng is apparently used when something is cool or nice, eets is just short for sweet, and peak is a way of describing something as good or bad, like, “that’s peak shithouse”.

The findings also show that ‘bae’, dab/dabbing, and ‘YOLO’ are all on the way out, with those surveyed using them less or not at all. But it all depends on age, too, with the older crowd (18 – 19) using ‘K’ way less than the younger folk (13 – 14).

You can check out all the data in the spiffy infographic below.