‘The Voice’ Live Blog Returns Tonight

To be honest, I’m yet to watch a second of Australia’s current television phenomenon*, ‘The Voice‘ (phenom because it’s averaging 2.4 million viewers per episode). I have, however, read every single word of our resident Delta Goodrem fan Suz’s live blog of the show because it’s f**king hilarious, so I feel like I’m well equipped to jump on board the Vocal bandwagon tonight for my first Voice-iferous experience, guided by the steady hand, gentle touch and profound insight of The Voice Live Blog.

You can take a refresher course in episodes one, two and three here, or you can get stuck in a YouTube black hole like I just did below:

The play button in the middle of the window gives him an awesome Salvador Dali moustache, no?

You guys crashed our server last week, so be gentle with us and check back here at 6:30pm for all that is Good(rem) about Australian TV. You can also get your Twitter on with us here if that’s your kind of thing.

*Actually, that statement no longer applies.