The Voice Kids Announced For 2014

Precocious young performers and parents hoping to force their unfulfilled dreams on their offspring, rejoice! Earlier today The Voice announced via Twitter that a junior version of the successful televised singing competition will be coming to Channel 9 in 2014.

Open to kids aged between 8 and 14, The Voice Kids promises wannabe Rihannas and Ricky Martins the chance to “Turn those big red cars chairs”. The introduction to potential contestants on the website states that they are looking for “Great singers” with “confidence” and “a great support network”. They also promise that “Every person is represented in a positive light”, which, for the audience, is absolutely no fun at all.

There’s no indication as yet who will be coaching the young divas (maybe it’ll be the Young Divas?), but word is that Channel 9 and production company Shine are looking for those with experience both as a child and adult performer.

Applications for kids and short, desperate adults are open now.