The Top 10 Most Pirated Movies Of 2015 Have Been Revealed

Dear readers, while we would never go as far as to suggest that you would illegally download anything, a heck of a lot of people pirated movies in 2015, and the practice of appears to be on the rise.

Last year’s most pirated movie, The Wolf Of Wall Street, was downloaded around 30 million times, but this year, that number wouldn’t even be enough to crack the Top 10.

Variety recently revealed the full list, which is topped by the 2014 Christopher Nolan blockbuster Interstellar, apparently still the last word in the Matt Damon stranded in space genre.

Filling out the list were a few of this year’s bigger blockbusters, like Jurassic World and Mad Max: Fury Road. Enough of you were secretly curious enough to check out Fifty Shades of Grey that it cracked the number seven spot.

Check out the Top 10 list in full:

1) Interstellar, 46.8 million
2) Furious 7, 44.8 million
3) Avengers: Age of Ultron, 41.6 million
4) Jurassic World, 36.9 million
5) Mad Max: Fury Road, 36.4 million
6) American Sniper, 34 million
7) Fifty Shades of Grey, 32.1 million
8) The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, 31.6 million
9) Terminator: Genisys, 31 million
10) The Secret Service, 30.9 million

Story: Variety