‘The Simpsons’ Shows Support For ‘South Park’

Controversy is nothing new for South Park creators Try Parker and Matt Stone – with the latest media shit storm igniting after the Prophet Muhammad was depicted wearing a bear suit in recent episode entitled “201”. Free speech issues and portrayals of Islam were immediately fodder for international debate and comment, most notably from two bloggers from Muslim extremist website “Revolution Muslim” who directed a threat against the show’s creators.

The Simpsons – another animated satire where virtually no topic is too controversial, sensitive or out-of-bounds to parody – has dropped a subtle expression of solidarity with South Park and its creators, after the long history of mutual-appreciation and affectionate referencing between the two shows:

Trey Parker and Matt Stone had previously depicted Muhammed on South Park (as well as Jesus, Buddha and other religious leaders) in a 2001 episode called “Super Best Friends”, which went largely unnoticed.

Via Flavorwire