The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang

Think: Goonies meets lord of rings
Some people will kill me for saying that

So people: get your your bikes NOW and ride down hill to the nearest video store and ask for the movie: The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang. Now wait… what? You heard right: The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang’.
– “Get out of here! “.

I know, I know, it sounds like the biggest stonner classic of this decade, but it’s quite the opposite my friend. It is an ‘epic tale of nerds’.

But the cool nerds, the nerds you want to be. The nerds we need.

The guys that brought us Napoleon Dynamite strike again with a completely different aesthetic. Forget the magically meticulous cinematography of Napoleon, the depth and complexity of its weirdo characters – by the way if you haven’t seen Napoleon ride back and get it! – .
Sasquatch is pure cheap TV like cinematography, with awesome innocent one dimensional characters and huge plastic foam sword fights. It has it all: love, mall scenes, friendship, the slowest humor, heavy metal and prepare for this: laser tag battles.

So once you get it, keep it safe until Friday night and force yourself to watch it before you drink or decide to do anything. This lethal injection of innocence might make you change your plans. If so meet you at the park!

For the teaser: