Apparently Katy Perry Reached Out To Taylor Bc She Wants To “Set An Example”

In case you missed it (how did you, honestly) – the years-long feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift has taken a strong step toward reconciliation, with Katy sending Tay and actual olive branch (nice touch) and a cute hand-written note.

Taylor accepted it, Insta-Storied it, and we’re gonna assume in the next month we’ll see the pair out having BFF coffee dates and whatever.

Now, a ~source~ has said a few things about Katy’s reasoning behind the move.

“Katy planned a very personal, sweet apology and took time to write a kind note in hopes Taylor would see how much she cared about putting this behind them,” the source told Entertainment Tonight.

“Katy told friends if Taylor didn’t accept this apology, she would keep trying because she is done holding on to the past and wants to be part of the change in today’s society. She wants to set a good example for women, so she planned to never give up, if that is what it took.”

The source was pretty chatty – they also said (and tbh can anyone else smell the subtle dig at Tay for continuing to be a vengeful lord?) Katy has been trying to patch things up for a while.

“Katy and Taylor’s years of cruel comments about one another in their interviews, their shots at each other on their social media and their full-blown attacks in their music videos, continued to show their one goal – revenge. In the beginning, both Katy and Taylor were to blame for their digs at one another, but Katy has been trying to make amends for some time. Each attempt by Katy to apologize or show Taylor respect went either unnoticed or worse, ignored.”

Their rift even split friendships, apparently.

“Most of their friends have come to terms with their disdain for one another, but it hasn’t made social situations easy for anyone. Their mutual friends often felt obligated to choose ‘Team Taylor’ or ‘Team Katy.’”

The source just wouldn’t shut up and like MATE. Apologising through interviews is weird, this was a far more normal way to make an apology.

“She hates that feeling of having bad blood. She often told friends she wanted to end this fight with Taylor, but didn’t know how to make that happen. Katy’s attempts to apologize through her interviews seemed to have no effect on Taylor. She kept trying to show Taylor she cared and wanted to end this rift, but Taylor wasn’t having it.”

TBH all of this feels like a new sledge in the Katy/Taylor feud, but I guess it’s coming from a source soooo… not actually Katy herself.

Wonder if Tay will make a Katy ref in her current Reputation tour, like she did with Kim?