The Razzies: Are These The Worst Movies Of 2010?

Haterism is one of the weirdest and most self-contradictory phenomenons of the past decade and with the quickly-progressing demise of ‘Hipsterdom’ as youth culture debate topic du jour it’s about time we throw our collective consciousness into something that everyone – whether we want to accept it or not – can pontificate about: Hate.

In our individual quest to be good human beings (and maintain personal-brand equilibrium) most people spruik an outspoken Anti-Hater stance, but truth be told the rise of celebrities, reality television and, of course, the internet has bestowed every man with a hard drive, wifi connection and a handful of curse words the divine right of Haterism. The advent of the Tall Poppy Syndrome is the ultimate benchmark of Haterist mentality, i.e. hating something or someone because we like it. Turning against a band you’ve previously loved is like a generational rite of passage that marks your progression from generic music appreciator to connoisseur of all things aurally superior. Then there’s the less psychoanalytically-complicated approach to Haterism: the blatant celebration of things we dislike. Like the Razzie Awards. The film industry’s annual event held to glorify the worst movies of the year. A celebration of shit. A paean to pestilence. A hoedown for hate?

Here is the shortlist for the 2010 Razzie Awards.

Razzies shortlist:
The Bounty Hunter
Clash of the Titans
The Expendables
Grown Ups
Jonah Hex
The Last Airbender
Little Fockers
Sex and the City 2
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Vampires Suck
Yogi Bear

I haven’t seen any of these movies (I’m guessing because I heard they were pretty bad?), so please cast your votes now: what were your most hated movies of last year?