The New ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Trailer Throws Ruby Rose Into The Aca-Pocalypse

The all-singing, all-female, all-slightly-off-their-rocker group the Barden Bellas are back!

A new trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 just dropped, and Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp are reunited once more for a last performance for the armed forces.

It sees the gals grapple with post-college life, Anna’s Becca face the prospect of a solo singing career, and Rebel’s Fat Amy hit on anything in a uniform.

It also features ya girl Ruby Rose as newcomer Calamity, showing up the girls by playing in a ‘real band’ with ‘instruments’. “Oh, you guys sing other people’s songs. Like a cover band!”

Elizabeth Banks didn’t return to direct this one (Trish Sie stepped in) but is back in her role as Gale and is as passive aggressive as ever.

This thing comes out in Australia on January 1, get aca-mongst it.