Russell Crowe Turns Into A Fox News Kingpin In ‘The Loudest Voice’ Trailer

It seems that we are truly in a rich and fruitful era of actors beefing up / wearing fat suits in order to portray evil conservatives of recent history. First we had Christian Bale‘s turn as Dick Cheney in the Oscar-nominated Vice, and now we’ve got Our Rusty doing his bit as Roger Ailes the abrasive king of Fox News.

The Loudest Voice has been in the works for a while, and we got the standard shocking reveal photos of a transformed Russell Crowe, but now we have the full trailer for the Stan-exclusive show. And… well, look, he’s certainly got a fat suit on. Emmy when?

Ailes is widely credited (and derided) as the man who turned Fox News from a nascent cable news enterprise into an industrial-scale conservative news machine which radically changed politics in the United States forever. Ailes died in 2016, only a year after he was oustered from the network over a series of sexual harassment allegations.

The show also stars  Naomi Watts, Sienna MillerSeth MacFarlane, and Simon Burney.

It lands on local streaming giant Stan on July 1.