‘The Lone Ranger’ With Johnny Depp Has A Trailer

So it’s The Lone Ranger directed by Gore “Pirates Of The Caribbean x 3” Verbinski and produced by Jerry “CSI and a bunch of other shit” Bruckheimer, which initially sounded like a very expensive and inoffensively schlocky fracas geared towards kids. But now after seeing the trailer footage (or what is shown between the punches of ugly credits that make up about 50% of its total running time) it looks like a solid, entertaining Western that will appeal to a wide audience.

Johnny Depp plays Native American spirit warrior Tonto, friend to the title character played by Armie Hammer, who was terrific as the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network. Together they are “two unlikely heroes who must learn to work together and fight against greed and corruption”.

The trailer shows off some of the cool shit afforded by a $250 million filming budget, like evocative desert landscape shots and epic shoot out scene set on a roaring steam train; and with a screenplay by Ted Elliott (Shrek) and original music by Jack White, The Lone Ranger definitely has the talent behind it to be an entertaining modern take on an American classic.

No “Hi ho Silver, away!” surprisingly…