‘A Line You Just Don’t Cross’: The Idol Episode Three Has Disgusted Hundreds Of Fans Online

the idol episode three
CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses child sexual abuse.

Few things are guaranteed to us in this short and fleeting life we have been granted by the cosmos. The sun rising and setting is one of them. The Earth being covered in water is another. And the third, a more recent phenomenon, is Sam Levinson‘s The Idol causing controversy on the internet. Upon these three things we can rely.

Yes friends, would it really be another week with The Idol if the show didn’t cause a stir?

This time the show has gone and disgusted swathes of fans with a line that is in the “Vantablack” section of the dark comedy vaults.

During episode three titled “Daybreak”, Andrew Finkelstein (Eli Roth) tells Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) that she’s giving him IBS.

He then expands upon this visual with one of the most appalling lines I’ve read with my two eyes. You’ve been warned.

Finkelstein says to Jocelyn: “I’m fuckin’ shitting more blood than a kid at Epstein’s island.”

Cancel this show. Immediately.

From its inception, The Idol tried to be a show that attempted to shine a light on the evil that exists behind the curtain of the music industry.

However, it’s very clear that its writers have no clue how to successfully portray wickedness and the disgusting ways of men. There’s no subtlety here. Between Abel Tesfaye‘s (FKA The Weeknd) poor acting skills and the show’s incessant penchant for nudity and in-your-face fuckery, the show has managed to totally miss the mark.

Yes, this is a HBO show and darker themes are to be expected, but when you put your foot on the “edgy” pedal full force and just engross the viewer in nothing but adult themes, it leaves no room for grey, which makes for good television.

We get it, there are people who probably would make a joke like this in real life, but it’s less believable when nearly everyone in your show’s world is of a similar ilk. The Idol has created caricatures of the people it wanted to seriously portray, with no commentary other than “look how fucked up this world is, isn’t it wild?”

“Can they be more lower than this? Are they even human? This is so scary,” wrote one viewer on Twitter.

“I get that some characters are intentionally portrayed as offensive or awful because it’s their character BUT there are some lines you just don’t cross and this is one of them,” wrote another viewer.

“Maybe without all the other issues with the show it could be understood, but this is just evil.”

To make matters worse, this isn’t the only scene that had viewers cringing so hard they ripped the very fabric of space and time.

I cannot get over the fact that Tesfaye not only co-created this show but insisted on starring in it with such limited acting experience.

I mean, there was that one scene in Uncut Gems that he appeared in, but anyone can get beat up by Adam Sandler in a nightclub, it isn’t hard.

Despite it only being on its THIRD episode (yes, there is more Hell awaiting us), the show is already swimming in numerous rumours about its second season being axed.

“This was never meant to be a long-running show, it was always … a limited series,” a source told Page Six, citing Tesfaye’s “egomaniacal behaviour” as one of the reasons S2 probably won’t be filmed.

Lord give me the strength, I don’t know if I can last another batch of episodes.

Help is available.