‘The Breakfast Club’ Star Facing 7 Years In Prison For Felony Battery

The Breakfast Club‘s resident dweeb Anthony Michael Hall is facing up to seven years in prison for allegedly assaulting his neighbour over a spat about a gate left open in September.

CCTV footage allegedly shows the actor shoving a man to the ground at his L.A. apartment complex on September 13 this year, leaving the victim with a broken wrist and a hurt back.

TMZ reports that the man then called the police, claiming the confrontation began when he left the condo gate open and Hall screamed at him to shut it, before slamming it shut himself and turning on the man.

The L.A. County D.A. has now charged Hall with felony battery with serious bodily injury.

Due to the special circumstances alleged, the four year maximum sentence rises to seven years.

Source: TMZ.

Photo: The Breakfast Club.