‘The Big Bang Theory’ Is No Longer The Most Popular Show On U.S. TV

If you’ve watched free to air television in the last little while – and we’ll forgive you for not having done so, what with Netflix, Stan, Presto, and literally anything else you could be doing – you’ll know that The Big Bang Theory is still an inexplicably big deal.

That said, this morning, The Big Bang Theory is slightly less of a big deal, with news that the sitcom is no longer the number one broadcast series in the United States.
That honour now belongs to Empire, aka the show you’ve heard everybody talk about on the internet, and are planning to get into really soon. The Easter long weekend is coming, so schedule your binge watch accordingly.

Big Bang Theory‘s March 12 episode was watched by 16.13 million people on broadcast network CBS. By comparison, Empire‘s March 11 episode, on Fox, was seen by 20.63 million people.
Chuck Lorre‘s other sitcom titan, Two And A Half Men, wrapped up earlier this year, in incredibly bizarre fashion, with a piano falling on the head of a Charlie Sheen lookalike, then another falling on Lorre himself.
Image via CBS