The Batfleck Film Has A Villain & It May Be A Throwback To Nolan’s Trilogy

Everyone was kind of relying on ‘Suicide Squad‘ to drag DC back into good stead after ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice‘ – but it too arrived into cinemas with trainwreck-esque reviews. 
So now, every DC fan is hopelessly relying on the Batman film that’s being directed by Ben Affleck to bring ’em back as a contender against all the good-as-hell movies Marvel‘s done. 
While there hasn’t been a huge amount of confirmed information about the Affleck film, the actor/director has today posted a video to social media that has DC stans rubbing their hands with glee. 

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While the video has been published without a caption, everyone is taking this is confirmation that the villain of his directorial Bat-debut will be Deathstroke
While Deathstroke isn’t a Joker, a Harley Quinn or a Two-Face in terms of Batvillain popularity, the character is integral in the comic ‘The New Teen Titans‘ from 1980, and features in some of the titles in the ‘Batman: Arkham‘ video game series. 
Rumours are already circulating wildly; Deathstroke was allegedly supposed to be in ‘Suicide Squad’, which obvi didn’t pan out. But, the rumours were that Joe Manganiello of ‘Magic Mike‘ fame was in talks for the role, and those same rumours are surfacing again after Affleck posted the above video. 
~ ~ ~ AND ~ ~ ~
Movie buffs are frothing because Deathstroke has connections to Talia al Ghul AKA Miranda Tate (the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul) – who you might remember as the twist ending villain at the conclusion of the last Christopher Nolan film, ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘. (No, we refuse to put a spoiler alert on this; if you haven’t seen a film after four years, you can’t get mad imho.)
While it’s definitely, very obviously speculation, it bodes well. 
Ahhhh you guysssss remember the Nolan trilogy? The Dark Knight? 2008? When the Joker was a money-burning anarchist, not a grillz-wearing, face-tattooing, money-loving gangster with a souped-up sports car? 
God, weren’t those were the days! Lets all hug and sadly remember the good ol’ days. 
*squeals in anticipation*
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Photo: Arkham City Wiki.