US Bachie Fans Are Still In Shock After The Most Cursed Ep Of All Time Ft: A Zoom Rose Ceremony

the bachelor zoom rose ceremony in the us

If you thought the latest Aussie season of The Bachelor (also known as The Bachelors) was shithouse, strap in. This past week, US fans were stunned when bachelor Zach Shallcross was forced to dish out roses virtually over a Zoom call after he tested positive for COVID.

If you enjoy watching awkward situations happen in real-time, feast your eyes on the following horrifying footage.


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Admittedly, there are very few videos of the rose ceremony to be found online. We can only assume this is because the producers wanted to bury the evidence of this horrendous spectacle.

Can’t blame ’em TBH. This shit’s cursed.

Luckily, Zach was fine and has managed to fully recover from his ailment.

So how the fuck did this happen?

Before the most recent group date, Zach had to pardon himself due to feeling a tad under the weather. So far so normal.

It’s then revealed that the handsome hunk copped a double-line test for the spicy cough and wouldn’t be participating in the upcoming one on one date. A modern Shakespearean tragedy.

Then, it was time for the actual rose ceremony.

The schmoozing part of the evening involved all the women having a quick yarn with Zach over Zoom in private. Oooh how romantic!

When the clock struck midnight (or just, whenever the producers were ready for the actual roses to be dished out), they lugged a TV with Zach’s big ol’ head on it into the centre of the room for all the ladies to learn their fate from.

Can you even begin to imagine being booted off a dating show via Zoom call rose ceremony? The future is scary. I don’t like it. Can we pls go back?

What made this whole ordeal even worse was that this occurred when Zach and the contestants were supposed to be in living it up in London for a wee holiday.

The US version of The Bachelor is currently in its 27th season and yes, we’re all exhausted.