Tell Us How You’d Take On A Dinosaur For A Chance To See Adam Driver Do It In 65

Hello my fellow dino heads and Adam Driver fan club members, have I got the movie for you. 65, starring the man himself is coming out on March 9, and it’s looking like it’ll be a helluva time.

Lately, I’ve been so keen to catch flicks at the cinemas. It could just be I’ve suddenly conquered my agoraphobia, but I’ve really been enjoying the atmosphere and having an excuse to just switch off my phone and not think. It’s so meditative.

We’ve also been in a peak era for solid action horror movies and 65 looks like it’ll be another great entry into the genre.

From the minds behind A Quiet Place, 65 takes place on Earth 65 million years in the past. Mills, played by the iconic thirst trap Adam Driver, is the pilot of a life vessel, transporting dozens of human lives on an expedition when suddenly their ship hits an asteroid and goes down. The ship breaks apart in orbit and they land on a seemingly uncharted planet.

With Mills at first appearing to be the only survivor, he embarks on a rescue mission to recover the lost life pods containing his crew, and finds Koa (Ariana Greenblatt), a child of one of the crew members who has also survived the crash. After sending out a distress beacon for help, the two must carefully survive against a dangerous and alien threat – dinosaurs.

From the trailer, we can see the two facing off against some iconic dinos, from the t-rex to velociraptors, to scary crocodile-like creatures.

What I love personally is Mills looks like an incredibly capable protagonist as well. With setting up sensors, and checking the planet’s atmosphere for breathable air and drinkable water.

I love when the lead character is a clever, self-sufficient protagonist that makes rational decisions. It means that when tension and conflict arises, it feels so earned and I can totally buy into what’s happening on screen, eager to learn how they get out of it.

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Feeling keen to check this one out yet? Well, you’re in luck! We’re giving away FIFTY double passes to see 65 in cinemas from March 9. That means you can bring yourself and a bud along with you. To enter, all you have to do is tell us how you’d fight a dinosaur.

Would you bring your entire squad to fight in hand-to-hand combat?

Or would you play it sneaky, taking advantage of all those dino encyclopedias you read growing up and plan traps to take out these big lizard boys? When it comes to the prehistoric food chain, no tactic is too cheap for survival.

Image Credit: Sony Pictures

65 comes out in cinemas on March 9th and is bound to draw in a huge crowd of dino enthusiasts, Adam Driver stans, and people craving a stellar good time at the movies. Hope to see you in my cinema, respectfully watching Adam Driver get hot and sweaty.

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