Teen Choice Awards 2012 Red Carpet

The Teen Choice Awards is one of the more ‘smart casual’ red carpet events of the celebrity social calendar, so shorts do turn up as an acceptable item of clothing – which is like committing sartorial blasphemy at any other shindig of note. Let’s take a look at some of the Best and Worst outfits of the 2012 red carpet turn out…

This boring blue taffeta number is not one of Zooey Deschanel‘s best red carpet efforts. The leather belt and Carven bow pumps are delightful but that insincere smile of her face tells me she was contractually obligated to attend this thing.

In this pink/purple sequined situation Hayden Panettiere looks like a subdued version of Pam Anderson in V.I.P. when she played a hotdog vendor who, due to a case of mistaken identity, becomes a celebrity bodyguard.

However, (and don’t hate me for saying this), I DO think her 4 x animal print shoes are kind of baller…

Taylor Swift is such a class act. Even though this floaty white dress is exactly like floaty white dresses Taylor Swift has worn before, I like the fact the open side section is like a hint at some provocative – a nip slip perhaps? – and gives this otherwise demure-as-hell ensemble an element of saucy danger.

Selita Ebanks recently wore a similar version of this distinctive beaded number at the BET Awards and looked amazing because she kept the styling very basic and, well, she’s Selita Ebanks for pete’s sake. Demi Lovato with the tacky bound high ponytail and stripper Louboutins she looks like the porn version of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Actress Holland Roden from the MTV series remake of Teen Wolf goes for a simple 50s silhouette that’s given a fun injection thanks to the golden Chrysanthemum print. She wears it well with a flawless pale complexion and cream pumps.

When did Lea Michele get sexy? Her rose-embossed silver Marchesa mini and matching platforms are a bore, but the natural looking hair and make up plus that just-got-laid smile are fabulous.

Based on this silly outfit, Artie from Glee borrowed style tips from Avril Lavigne for pants, Sesame Street‘s The Count for shoes, and no one in their right mind for two-toned shirt.

JoJo! Where you been at, girl? You got curvy since “Leave”. I wonder what Stacie Orrico is doing right now?

If there’s one person who should be Bogarting the red carpet it’s perfect Gwen Stefani in black leather. Can the rest of No Doubt please move out of the way immediately.

Kat Graham from Vampire Diaries makes this DayGlo Aztec totem pole look perfectly acceptable.

I’m kind of ready for Carly Rae Jepson‘s moment to end. The print on this outfit (blazer and are they CULOTTES?!?) looks like the mould that is growing up my shower curtain.

Zoe Saldana. The only person sexy enough to get away with a gold ankle bracelet without looking like a scumbag.

Roboto-Bieber wears gold wrist armour and terrible paint splattered denim.

LOL at the guy in yellow sunglasses who is like “hey look – three lesbians! snicker snicker!”

I just found Justin Bieber’s older doppelganger. Here is the original article…

… and here is him in 10 years time:

Photos by Jason Merritt and Kevin Winter, Getty Images.