Cop Your First Look At Taron Egerton, Hunk, As ’70s Elton John In ‘Rocketman’

BEHOLD: your first glimpse of Taron Egerton as Elton John in biopic Rocketman, and wow, it is such a Friday arvo viiiiiiiibe.

Image Source: Paramount Pictures

Oh yes, that’s a gold lamé jacket. Oh yes, those shoes have wings, oh yes, the glasses, the hair, the couch, the private jet, it is pitch perfect Elton. It is pitch perfect ’70s Elton and if I thought I could get away with dressing like that I would. That gold jacket is the statement piece my wardrobe so desperately needs.

28-year-old lovely Welsh boy Egerton, who you might recognise as the handsome man in the upcoming Robin Hood and also both Kingsman movies, is set to star as young Elton John, the film moving from his uni days at the Royal Academy of Music through to his struggle with drug abuse and massive international fame.

Look here he is at the same table as the man himself at the charity Argento Ball in June.

Who is his date? Could it be me instead? It’s Friday afternoon and I’m thirsty.

We’re presuming this was not the first time he hung out with Elton John, considering the megastar had a guest turn in the Kingsman sequel out last year. Still neat though.

And here he is with his Eddie the Eagle bro Hugh Jackman.

Here we find out he likes Run the Jewels too! Celebrities are just like us.

Sorry this just became pictures of the handsome guy. Felt we needed a counterpoint to the as Elton John thing up there.

Rocket Man, also featuring Jamie Bell, Gemma Jones, Bryce Dallas Howard and Richard Madden, is due in cinemas mid-next year. You’ll watch it, I’ll watch it, we can all watch it together.