Syd’s Scoring An Immersive Experience For Y’all Gin-Lovin’ Humans This W/E

PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Hendrick’s Gin to make sure their delightfully theatrical cocktail experience, ‘The Awakening’ (going down at Sydney‘s Commune), is on your radar. You can grab tickets to this must-attend event HERE.

Gin. It’s considered to be the nectar of the gods by those who love it, and we’re happy to admit we fall into that category. Regardless of whether you believe the claims that your tendency to order a G&T means you’re likely to posses psychopathic attributes or not, gin drinkers are a decent bunch. A “fun time”, some would say. Others, perhaps, would call them “a hoot”.

Given that those who drift toward this deliciously tart palette are exceptional humans, we reckon you should place yourself in more situations to rub shoulders with ’em. 
Hendrick’s Gin are inviting you to awaken the curiosity within, and are doing so with a delightfully peculiar and theatrical cocktail experience. 
Over the course of this weekend (Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th June 2017), ‘The Awakening‘ will guide you through several theatrical encounters and unexpected scenarios. While you’re going through the immersive experience, your imagination will be rewarded with a series of Hendrick’s Gin cocktails – a classic, a seasonal and an experimental serve designed to surprise and delight.
The not-to-be-missed event is taking place at Commune in Sydney‘s Waterloo and tickets cost $30 (+ booking fee) for the hour-long experience. Like, what else are you going to do? Netflix and chill the weekend away? Pfft. Go on. Get out there, y’all.
Grab you and your mates tickets to The #Awakening by heading HERE.
Oh, and if you’re keen on adding some damn-fine gin cocktails to your regular rotation, check out some recipes HERE.
Photo: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.