A ‘Survivor Romania’ Castaway Got Booted After She Headbutted The Soul Out Of A Bloke

A contestant on the on ‘Survivor Romania’ has been kicked off the show after she turned around and headbutted one of the other contestants from the competing tribe, breaking his nose. The vision is fucking bonkers, mates. This is some fucken wild reality television.

Ana Maria Pal, a pro MMA fighter on the tribe of ‘stars’ attacked Andrei Ciobanu from the ‘general public’ team (essentially the same tribe format as Champions vs. Contenders) when her and her team lost a recent challenge.

Rough translations have said that Andrei approached Ana after the reward challenge to say that was a hard challenge, which was called a ‘communication game’ so I’m assuming they were competing to win messages from home or something like that, and she reacted by headbutting him and breaking his nose.

Ana was immediately kicked off the ‘Survivor Romania’ after the attack and saying that Andrei deserved it. Jesus Christ the footage though, it’s just incredible. Not good sportsmanship and/or how you should treat another human being but…it’s a perfectly-executed headbutt.

After Ana was booted from the reality show (which seems to be the first reboot of the Romanian version after a single season back in 2016), it looks like the show repeated the challenge again a couple of days later.

Check out Ana’s run at the challenge against the blue tribe’s Lola, and just wait for the moment where she clearly loses her cool and lashes out. I know the US version can get pretty heated and competitive but this from Survivor Romania is just some next-level stuff.