Meet The Gold Coast Grads Who Will Make You Want To Move There Immediately

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You might be thinking of the Gold Coast as the place to end your schooling days, but actually it turns out that this beautiful coastal city of (almost) endless sunshine is only the beginning of your education.

Aside from being completely picturesque and playing home to a burgeoning foodie scene, the Goldy is also a place where an increasing number of institutions are offering world-class education. Whether you’re a creative type, want to get into a medical field, are a budding entrepreneur, a wannabe tradie or have another dream gig, you can find it up in Queensland.

Just peep these 4 smiley, successful humans who all got their starts on the Goldy.

Study Gold Coast Alana Ryzner

Alana Ryzner reckons she’s found the perfect work / life balance between her job as a lawyer for Minter Ellison and living on the Gold Coast. It’s a lifestyle she thanks her degree from Griffith University for. Studying law at Griffith prepared her for the challenges and diversity of being a lawyer. As for location, she believes “the growth in the city is providing more and more opportunity.”

Study Gold Coast Claudio Kirac

Then there’s entrepreneur Claudio Kirac, Director at Art-Work agency. “It’s a very exciting time to be on the Gold Coast. I saw the Gold Coast as a blank canvas, as a city that’s growing and changing, which gave me the perfect platform to start my career.” He created his agency to give back to the Gold Coast community that embraced him by opening up professional opportunities to creative students across many industries including photography, design, art and fashion.

Study Gold Coast Kelvin Andrews

With a burgeoning food scene, this is also the perfect place for aspiring chefs to learn the craft and land a job. Kelvin Andrews chose to study Commercial Cookery at TAFE to realise the  dream he’s had since working in his mum’s restaurant as a young ‘un. Now he’s an executive chef for several of the city’s premier restaurants, including the ever popular Greek eatery Hellenika. “The future is so exciting, there’s just so many really good restaurants opening – food is always going to be a big part of my life.”

Study Gold Coast Megan Baker

The Gold Coast is also fast becoming popular among students wishing to go into all areas of medicine. “I’m really passionate about making people independent and having dignity in their lives,” says Megan Baker, a Gold Coast Private Hospital Occupational Therapist. She studied at Southern Cross University, a course which included practical components and clinical placements, which she feels opened many opportunities for her. “It’s an exciting hub of knowledge and because of the growth on the Gold Coast this is becoming the city of health.”  

So basically, you can study whatever it is that tickles your fancy, whether that’s creative, business minded or vocational, and you can do it all with the vibrant and beautiful Gold Coast as your backdrop. Um, yes please.