Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki Might Nix His Retirement For One More Film

HOLY CRAP. Studio Ghibli‘s Hayao Miyazaki might be coming out of retirement, and literally the entire world is better for it.

The famous animation studio’s co-founder told Japan‘s national broadcasting organisation NHK on Sunday night that he wants to return to making an anime feature film.

He retired from directing feature films three years ago, but has been working on a 12-minute CG short called ‘Boro the Caterpillar‘ (or ‘Kemushi no Boro‘) since last year, to screen exclusively at the Ghibli Museum.

However, the NHK programme – optimistically titled ‘The Man Who Is Not Done‘ – revealed that Miyazaki isn’t satisfied with the CG project, and presented a proposal for a feature-length film in August.

“Despite not officially receiving a green-light for the feature film, Miyazaki decided to start animation work on the project anyway. He plans on creating storyboards for about 100 cuts of footage.”


Miyazaki has been working on the story for almost 20 years. Not a whole lot is known about it, but he describes it as “a story of a tiny, hairy caterpillar, so tiny that it may be easily squished between your fingers”.

(but not actually) 

Miyazaki is notoriously bad at staying retired, having already come out of retirement (or semi-retirement) several times, including once to make Spirited Away (2001), which ended up being the studio’s biggest commercial success.

As far as a timeline for this (hopeful) new one goes, he estimates that it would take him up to five years to make, putting him at 80 when the thing’s complete.

TBH, the wait time is worth it. We are so, so here for never-ending Ghibli.

Source: Anime News Network.
Photo: Studio Ghibli.