Here’s Where You Know The Cast Of Special Ops: Lioness So You Can Turn IMDB Off & Enjoy The Show

If you’ve been searching for something to fill the weekly Succession nights, then do I have the show for you. 

Special Ops: Lioness (created by Taylor Sheridan of Yellowstone fame) is a story that will take you from the White House to the Middle East. 

The plot follows Joe (played by queen Zoë Saldaña), a badass marine who is in charge of the Lioness Program. This undercover all-female unit is dedicated to befriending the wives, girlfriends and daughters of terrorist targets. The Lionesses hope the women will betray the men wanted by the American government, or they aim to gather enough intel that the Lionesses take ‘em down themselves. 

With female leads and a star-studded cast, we thought we’d share a little about them before you grab the popcorn and watch the global espionage thriller, Special Ops: Lioness, streaming only on Paramount+. 

Zoë Saldaña: Joe 

Zoë Saldaña plays our protagonist. Joe is trying to balance her personal and professional life (no easy feat when you’re fighting the war on terror). She’s the leader of the Lioness Program, a wife and the mother of two kids. 

You’ve most likely seen Zoë killing it in other action movies like The Adam Project alongside Ryan Reynolds, or in the three highest-grossing films of all time (Avatar, Avatar: The Way Of Water, and Avengers: Endgame). This is a feat not achieved by any other actor. No biggie.

Nicole Kidman: Kaitlyn Meade

Our Nicole. Australians are slaying the entertainment space at the moment (hello, Margot) and Nicole Kidman is no exception. She’s been in the biz for decades now and still tries her hands at different characters. Take, for example, Kaitlyn Meade. Kaitlyn is Joe’s boss who gives the Lionesses their missions. Both Zoë and Nicole are executive producers on the show and we honestly love to see it.

Nicole or, mother, is known for her iconic roles in Moulin Rouge, Eyes Wide Shut, Big Little Lies and so much more.

Laysla De Oliveira: Cruz Manuelos

Cruz is one of the Lionesses. While she may be rough around the edges, this character is a passionate Marine who wants to infiltrate a terrorist organisation from within. Go off. Cruz is played by Canadian actress Laysla De Oliveira who you may have seen in the fantasy series Locke & Key and the horror film, In The Tall Grass. Creepy. Although not super well known in the biz (yet), Laysla has a standout performance in Special Ops: Lioness

Morgan Freeman: Edwin Mullins

Have you ever seen a bad piece of media that starred Morgan Freeman? No. And Special Ops: Lioness isn’t going to start it now. Mr Freeman (AKA God) plays Edwin Mullins, the fictional US Secretary of State in the US Government. If Morgan Freeman trusts the creators of this show, so do we. 

You may have seen some of Morgan’s work including The Shawshank Redemption, Bruce Almighty, and The Bucket List.

Michael Kelly: Donald Westfield 

Donald Westfield works alongside Nicole Kidman’s character, Kaitlyn. Working in the upper echelons of government, the team makes sure the Lionesses’ missions run smoothly. Well, as smooth as possible when dealing with literal terrorists. 

Donald is played by Michael Kelly who has previously acted in House Of Cards (useful experience given the whole White House thing), Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan movies and Dawn Of The Dead.

Dave Annable: Neil

Neil is Joe’s husband and the primary caregiver in the home (we love flipped gender stereotypes). 

Dave Annable has previously starred in Yellowstone, the 2011 rom-com You May Not Kiss The Bride and the supernatural drama 666 Park Avenue

So there’s a run-down on the truly star-studded cast and where you know them from. This means you can put down the IMDB app and stream Special Ops: Lioness, only on Paramount+.

Image credit: Paramount+