Here’s Why We Reckon You’d Froth Zoe Saldana’s New Spy-Action-Thriller Special Ops: Lioness

There are heaps of incredible TV shows to pick from right now — the decision fatigue is real.

So, if you’re done with scrolling your streaming service of choice until your eyes bleed, let me influence you. Special Ops: Lioness has just hit Paramount+, and let me tell you, it’s scratching every itch in my content-loving brain.

The show follows a special operations Marine named Joe, who leads the Lioness Program — an undercover unit dedicated to befriending the wives, girlfriends and daughters of terrorist targets. Lioness’ goal is to win the women over in the hopes they’ll betray the men they have intel on by spilling it directly to the American government. The show deals with Joe’s trials and tribulations as she attempts to balance her personal life with the ‘uge gig — which intrigues me deeply as someone who’s hardly able to balance a personal life while working a regular 9-5.

It’s got action, drama, scandal, mind games and a lot of heart — so here’s a little dive into what we reckon you’ll dig about it.

The cast is incred

I love it when a show can introduce a whole squad of newbies. But there is something comforting about seeing old favourites hit the screen in a new and epic way. Zoe Saldana (aka one of the highest-grossing actresses of all time) leads the crew as Joe. Unless you live under a rock, you would’ve caught her insanely bad-ass acting chops in Avatar or the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

You might also recognise a little-known up-and-coming actor named Morgan Freeman, in the throws too as US Secretary of State in the US Government, as well as Australia’s literal sweetheart, Nicole Kidman who plays Kaitlyn, Joe’s boss. Additionally, Laysla De Oliveira (In The Tall Grass), Michael Kelly (House Of Cards) and Dave Annable (Yellowstone) beef out the incredible crew of talent.

The team behind it rocks

Whenever I see a cast that stacked I have two immediate thoughts. That’s one: the show is going to be incredible because folks like that don’t make shoddy career moves. And two, that the people behind the show must be pretty incredible too. Well friends, it’s no diff for Lioness. The show was created by Taylor Sheridan, the mastermind behind Yellowstone, Sicario, Tulsa King and a bunch of other epic shows and movies.

It’s got action and heart

From the get-go, you’re pretty much dropped into the mysterious, dangerous and tantalising world of global espionage with explosions, gunfire and heart-stopping stunts. Usually, you’ve got to watch a three-hour-long, bloated movie to see action that good, but Special Ops: Lioness manages to pack that level of adrenaline into every episode. The show takes place in locations all over the world, which will really stroke your inner Year 9 Geography nerd.

As I said before, the show has a lot of heart. The action is perfectly balanced out with storylines revolving around family dynamics, womanhood and, of course, the classic workplace relationship. It’s a nice reminder that the folks behind these insane jobs are just people, like us, at the end of the day.

Well, if you’re still not convinced (boo), you can watch the trailer for the show again here to make up your mind.

Watch Special Ops: Lioness, only on Paramount+.