Steve McQueen’s Super Fake Oscars Applause Is Your New Favourite Reaction GIF

Some amateur body language experts out there think that this year’s Twitter-breaking Oscars telecast included compelling visual evidence of a potential feud existing between 12 Years A Slave screenwriter John Ridley and director Steve McQueen.  

The proof? 

After Ridley finished his Best Adapted Screenplay acceptance speech in which he pointedly failed to mention the film’s director, his colleague responded with this sarcastic non-contact slow clap, which, as heartfelt displays of congratulations go, was as believable a performance as Kramer’s ability to act like he had used a computer before
The two also failed to acknowledge (or even look at) each other as Ridley’s name was called out, the scribe choosing instead to embrace American Hustle director David O. Russell for whom he penned the Three Kings screenplay.  
The shade was reciprocated in turn when McQueen’s Best Picture speech was devoid of any mention of the contribution made by the screenwriter. 
According to founder Nikki Finke, to the corridors of Hollywood what Varys is to Westeros, the feud apparently stems from a dispute over writing credits.  

An entirely plausible scenario considering the Oscar winning British auteur also penned the screenplays for his last two films – Shame and Hunger – and that the spirit, action and dialogue of a film is so often shaped during its filming.  

Either way, 12 Years Of Shade, your new favourite reaction GIF.

Via Defamer