Steve Aoki Unveils New Wave Of Rave Security Guards

Just as some people are born with a predisposition to be an Olympic swimmer we believe that from birth some people are inhabited by an inexplicable god-given ability to party. One person bestowed with this gift is Steve Aoki. Have you ever flung your body off 20-foot scaffolding into a crowd of human debris knowing with absolute confidence that they will catch you? Aoki has and Aoki does. Another known carrier of the Party Gene is Rave Security Guard, the middle aged living incarnation of Dance Dance Revolution who we first met at Stereosonic in 2009 amid an adoring audience of shirtless munters.

Apparently, wherever shirtless munters can be found so too can security guards with a penchant for partying. In the footage of Steve Aoki’s recent Australian tour with Future Music Festival in March 2011 a new breed of Rave Security Guards is showcased.

At the 1:47 min mark in the clip below watch young security guy throw down some boss moves:

Pedestrian is working on a Guide To L.A. and Steve Aoki will be giving us the low down on his favourite home town spots. Watch this space…