Steez Lessons With Chromeo

I might as well just list 5 or so things worth noting from Myspace’s NYC shopping adventure with Dave 1 and Pee Thug of Chromeo as opposed to trying to write yet another cute but funny blurb about nothing:

– Chromeo to remix Vampire Weekend

– Dave 1 thinks he revived the deck shoe trend.

– Every single guy Dave 1 knows has a Comme Des Garcon wallet.

– Chromeo is remixing Vampire Weekend

– Dave 1 has a hard time relating to anyone who doesn’t have a pair of Jordans.

– Pee thinks everyone should have at least 4 or 5 pairs of Jordans.

– Daft Punk – Discovery is the electronic “thriller.”

– Dave 1 has a crush on Santogold.

– Chromeo thinks their Vampire Weekend remix is good.

– After watching the video you will go to google via hype machine and type in; “Chromeo”+”Vampire Weekend”+”remix”+”mp3″+”download”.

– You will be unsuccessful.

Check out this video: MySpace Presents: The Fit with Chromeo

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