Stan Is Developing A Wolf Creek Series

The Australian TV production industry is potentially about to get really interesting. The launch of Stan – the subscription streaming service from the Nine Network and Fairfax Media – has already brought critically acclaimed US drama to local screens, including the jewel in its crown in Breaking Bad-spinoff Better Call Saul. But now the service is moving into full swing, and is beginning to show its hand as a producer of content in its own right.

The service has begun considering its development slate, and among the handful of concepts it’s currently circling, a television spinoff of acclaimed horror film series Wolf Creek is top of the list.
The project would be a collaboration between the film’s writer and director Greg McLean and the writer/producers of the Underbelly series in Greg Haddrick, Peter Gawler, and Felicity Packard. It would be set after the events that transpired in Wolf Creek 2.
According to McLean, the series would differ in tone from the films. “The films work in a very particular way and they’re very much horror; TV is more of a suspense thriller,” he stated.
Though, obviously, at this early stage it’s not known if John Jarrett would reprise his role as the deranged Mick Taylor should the series ultimately get picked up.
Among the other projects being considered by Stan is a political drama focusing on the life and career of former High Court Justice Lionel Murphy entitled Enemies of the State, which is being developed by the team behind Rake along with ABC journalist Tony Jones.
The news that Stan, much like rival Netflix, is moving into production to create new, original series free of the constraints of regular commercial TV is extremely intriguing and exciting. Providing a platform for the Australian industry to create high quality, high concept, niche drama and comedy can only prove beneficial to all in the long run.
At the very least, it’s a nifty feather for Stan to have in its cap, as they prepare for the new streaming market to flood.
‘Course, I can’t look at the word “Stan” without hearing Randy Marsh‘s voice in my head saying “Staaaaaaaaaaaan?” But that’s another story for another day.
via SMH.