Try Not To Cry But Spider-Man Just Got Pulled From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Sony Pictures has reportedly shitcanned a new offer to share profits from its Spider-Man films with Disney, ending the studios’ hero-sharing partnership and effectively wiping Tom Holland from future Marvel flicks.

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Deadline reports the deal collapsed when Sony Pictures, which retains the rights to the web-slinger and his cast of misfit villains, refused to give Disney an even split of future Spider-Man profits.

That’s despite the current Spider-Man films – Sony’s third crack at the hero, after stints by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield – coming to life under the eye of Marvel’s insanely successful producer Kevin Feige.

Essentially, it seems Sony believes they can carry on churning out Spider-Man flicks without Peter Parker mingling with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It makes some kind of sense, given the fact Spider-Man: Far From Home just became the studio’s highest-earning film of all time, but let’s quickly check in with Marvel fan Twitter to gauge their reaction:

Unless something drastic happens, it seems Sony really might be reverting to stand-alone Spideys. Hello Venom 2, we guess.