Sophie Monk Talks Playboy Nudes, Says She Wishes Her Nips Had Been Harder

There’s no denying that we here at PEDESTRIAN.TV have a deep passion for all things Sophie Monk.

How could we not? She’s brazen, beautiful and has brains the size of bigfoot’s dick. (They’re big.)

Monk has been on our radios, televisions and internets for the past twenty years, but in the words of Limp Bizkit, no one knows what it’s like behind blue eyes.

Luckily for us, she recently went on Mamamia‘s ‘No Filter with Mia Freedmanpodcast and got real on everything from feeling uncomfortable on early photoshoots, being unhappy in Hollywood and… flaps and nips.

At about 36 minutes into the podcast, Freedman stops beating around the (well waxed) bush and presses Monk on what it was like to bare all for Playboy back in 2014.

“Before we did this interview I looked at your Playboy photos,” Mia freedman giggles. “You don’t have any pubes!”

(STRONG opener.)

“I also arched my back so it looks a bit Barbie-ish, you can’t really see it [the vagootz],” says Monk.

She goes on to explain how Playboy had approached her for “years and years and years” on end to do a shoot. She did it, and goes on to explain how she wished her nips were a bit harder on the shoot, feels any woman with bigger boozies will relate to:

Mia: “I was reading that you said you thought your boobs looked a bit 70s-ish”

Sophie: “Well, it was a bit hot that day, and they’re a bit warm, the nipples”

M: “They’re real, though!”

S: “You want them a bit like, cold, in that temperature”

M: “I thought they looked really nice”

S: “They’re always erect on the red carpet, when I don’t want them to be and then they’re warm as hell, when, yeah.”

There you have it, folks. Monk is just like us. She, too, worries about the general state of erection of her glorious nipples.