Sophie Monk Dunks On Sam And The Boys In Her First ‘Bachie’ Recap Video

Australia has come to realise the joy of reality TV isn’t so much in watching people make questionable decisions, it’s in analysing those choices in agonising detail and sharing notes with others. Twitter hashtags, Gogglebox, and yes, the recap video, all testify to how drama can be satisfyingly relitigated long after the roses have withered.

Channel 10 has apparently cottoned on to this fact too, because they’ve just released a video of Bachelorette Sophie Monk analysing a series of high/lowlights from the ongoing season.

Flashing through Samual Cochrane’s ‘striptease’, the bike polo ordeal, and a cavalcade of snogs, Monk gamely provides commentary to her own life with a couple of choice elf-deprecating facts about her high school career and horticultural expertise.

At this rate, we’re expecting a full-on commentary for this series’ Blu-Ray release, but you can catch the clip below: