Sony Announces ‘The Last Of Us Part Two’, Hits Us With Haunting Trailer

The good people at Sony held their annual PlayStation Experience event this week, and hit us with more trailers than we can shake a DualShock controller at. 

Though a new Uncharted game was announced (see below), the event wrapped with perhaps the biggest reveal: the official announcement of the hugely-anticipated survival horror game The Last Of Us Part Two.
The sequel to the acclaimed 2013 title appears to take place a number of years after the original, and this cinematic trailer doesn’t give away much plot, but does a very good job of setting a haunting atmosphere. 
The trailer focuses on an older Ellie who, as well as playing the guitar, may have developed a bit of a murderous streak. “I’m going to find and kill every last one of them,” she says, ominously, to her companion Joel
The Last Of Us developer Naughty Dog also revealed another big game at the event: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. This new game pairs up Uncharted 2 heroine Chloe Frazier with Uncharted 4‘s Nadine Ross on a treasure hunt.  

As someone who has sunk literally thousands of hours into Japanese RPGs over the years, the most exciting PSX news for yours truly was the reveal of a new trailer for Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, a collaboration between Studio Ghibli and Level-5, was one of the most gorgeous games of the PS3 era, and the sequel, due on PS4 next year, is shaping up to be just as good. 
Go ahead and soak it up:
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is also due in 2017, although there is no official release date for The Last Of Us Part Two just yet. 

Source: The Verge.
Photo: Naughty Dog.