Someone Wants To Crowdfund A Sharknado-Esque Movie About Drop Bears

For just the cost of a cup of coffee a day a local Kickstarter project seeking funds with which to produce a schlocky B-grade horror-comedy film titled DROP BEARS! – Attack! of the Killer Koalas – the surly harbinger of death whose existence the rest of the world simply refuses to acknowledge – could come to fruition.

At current the Sharknado-esque film written and directed by Stephen Banham and produced by Peta Astbury is well short of the $90,000 they had hoped to raise by May, 72 backers contributing just $4,043 at the time of writing. This simply will not do. 
That’s why they’ve offered up a plethora of solid incentives beyond contributing to what will be the best/worst B-grade creature feature of all time; at the generous end of the scale, $8,000 lands you an associate producer credit and billing, $5,000 grants you one of two drop bear props used in the promotional teaser (see below) while 2,000 will see a photograph of your face featured in a key scene involving a pin board.
Here’s the synopsis: “A group of young backpackers go camping in the wild Australian outback. However, our hapless travellers have inadvertently wandered into the habitat of the DROP BEAR – a rare and ferocious cousin to the well-known cuddly koala. Now they must fight or become the creatures’ next meal. But can they all survive the night?”

And here’s a teaser which artfully lays out the schlocky broad comedy vibes they’re going for. 
Please give generously