SLAY KWEEN: A ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Adult Colouring Book Is Coming

Look, I get it: you had a shit day at work, you’ve come home all stressed out and all you want to do is have some quiet time to chill. You feel like doing something creative but thinking up your own ideas is hard, and that exactly why God (who is real) invented the colouring book.
Adult colouring books have been getting popular as a combination of gentle therapy and a way of reliving the carefree joy of being a child, when the most difficult things you had to deal with were colouring inside the lines and occasionally accidentally pissing yourself.
Normal colouring books are designed for people with the hand-eye coordination of a 5 year old (because they are 5 year olds), but, luckily, some generous publishers are indulging us with suitably more complex books featuring our favourite pop culture franchises, and now it’s Buffy‘s turn.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on the surface a high school drama with vampires but in reality a super nerdy high school drama with vampires and incredibly funny writing – creator Joss Whedon loves two things: writing badass lady characters and subverting pop culture tropes, and he does a great job at both.
In addition to doing a colouring book for his other wildly popular series ‘Firefly‘, Dark Horse Books will be bringing you the Buffy book with 45 pages of detailed, colourless vampiness for you to make beautiful.
It’ll be coming out January 17th next year, so maybe write that down in your calendar.
Source: AV Club.
Photo: Dark Horse Books.