Skins’ Star Spotted In Sydney For ‘Mad Max 4’

The prospect of Mel Gibson chilling abreast a Ford Falcon XB on the set of Mad Max 4: Fury Road seems a long shot since his recent shouty vibes has put him in poor favour with everyone except maybe this guy; but that’s cool because that cute, funny looking kid from About A Boy is the star of the movie and his classic ugly-duckling-turned-swan metamorphosis is some heart warming shit.

After About A Boy and the bowl cut we were convinced that Nicholas Hoult would fade away into obscurity like the kid in Jerry Maguire but he cast off the shackles of child-stardom and became a veritable sex symbol through unvirginish roles in Skins and A Single Man, and is currently in Australia further upping his macho quota with his role in Mad Max 4 – helmed once again by George Miller.

For ladies looking to distract him and take advantage of the long-distance between him and his new girlfriend (British actress/singer Victoria Justice), Nicholas was spotted last weekend at the Flinders Hotel and at Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney (we’re channeling News Limited’s ‘Confidential’ on this one). Charlize Theron has also been cast, so don’t be surprised if you bump into her over the next 6- 10 months.

Image from Tom Ford