SHOCKER: People Aren’t Stoked GoT’s White Creators Are Making A Slave Drama

This morning, HBO announced that D.B. Weiss and David Benioff‘s post-‘Game of Thrones‘ career includes producing an epic drama that asks, ‘What if slavery and institutionalised racism still existed in America‘?

It’s called ‘Confederate‘, and it’s an alt-history where the southern states successfully seceded during the American Civil War, creating a nation where slavery is legal and became a modern institution.

As shocking as it seems that an innocent, big-budget TV drama about slavery and racism helmed by two white dudes would cause a bit of blow-back, shockingly, that appears to be what has happened.

We know very little about the show at the moment, and even less on how much time Weiss and Benioff have spent pondering the absolute myriad of issues they’re about to blunder into. (The press release from HBO said they’d discussed the show “for years”, but uh, these two don’t have the best track record of dealing positively with racial issues.)

TBD if the widespread criticism forces two of the most powerful men in television to stop and think.

Photo: Mark Davis / Getty.