Seth Cohen Is Dating Blair Waldorf

Summer Roberts is definitely going to have a rage black-out when she finds out about this. Geeky Orange County misfit Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) and entitled Upper East Side villain Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) are supposedly ‘hanging out’ according to reports from Us Weekly – but that can only mean one thing in Gossip Girl speak: CANOODLING.

The actors behind their TV doppelgangers (a.k.a. more boring real people) Brody, 33, and Meester, 26, met when they united for a performance in the 2011 dramedy The Oranges and have since traveled to Bangkok and been spotted out and about in LA together.

Hopefully the next logical step is a Closer-style revenge relationship between Chuck and Summer. Make it happen Josh Schwartz! 

Words by Stephanie Squadrito

Image by Getty Images Entertainment