Semi Permanent 2009: Ron English, Wired, Digital Domain, XYZ + More

Semi Permanent will be back again in 2009, of course they’ll be bringing with them another stellar lineup of guest speakers from around the globe. With still another 5 to be announced, we decided to jump the gun and give you guys a bit of background info behind the 7 already confirmed guest geniuses (for the Sydney event.)

One of the biggest names already down for the event is contemporary pop artist/serial prankster Ron English whose work you would recognise from Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me” doco (pictured above). He has received critical acclaim from anyone who’s anyone and his talk is most likely to be one of the highlights of the event. Learn more:

The smartest thing anyone can ever do is get subscribed to Wired. It has been said that you will learn more in an issue of the World acclaimed publication than in a semester in high school + the best thing is; it is relevant knowledge which you can and most likely will, incorporate into everyday life. Representing Wired will be their Creative Director, Scott Dadich. Scott is an award winning designer (National Magazine Award for General Excellence in 2007 and the Award for Design is 2008) who oversees the magazine’s design, photography, illustration and typography. A must for any tech buff.

Founded in 2003, and based in St Kilda, XYZ Studios is an award winning studio in the field of commercial animation. XYZ have created commercials for clients such as Sony, Visa, McDonalds, Honda, Dodge, IBM, MTV and have worked with some of the worlds biggest creative agencies including Weiden+Kennedy, BBDO New York and M&C Saatchi. Over the past year, XYZ has won seven “Best of category” awards, including Animation of the Year and Australian Creative Hotshop of the Year 2007.

The fact that Californian based Digital Domain is an Academy Award-winning digital production studio means that they must be pretty good at what they do hey? Well, it’s quite likely that DD have already made you go “wow.” That’s right, they’ve worked on big budget big screen masterpieces such as the Titanic, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, X Men, Fight Club and Transformers too name a few! WOW:

One of the rising stars of the Young Contemporary Art movement, Ian Francis is based out of Bristol in the United Kingdom. His exciting work uses both abstract textures and realistic figures and portraits to portray warped versions of everyday experiences. An interesting aspect of Ian’s creative past is that he started creating his artwork digitally and has only moved to creating pieces by hand in the last few years. Which makes his quick rise to prominence even more exceptional.

[Bio stolen, with love, from Danny’s site] Self-taught as a designer, Danny Yount has won awards in most major design shows for everything from online media to feature film main titles. His design and direction has earned an Emmy for the Six Feet Under main title and an Emmy nomination for the TNT miniseries main title “The Grid”… he is currently serving as creative director at Prologue Films. His primary focus is main title design and live action direction for entertainment clients in feature films and television.

Kate Gibb is one of the UK’s top female designers and print-makers. She has produced artwork for many album sleeves, most prominently for the Chemical Brothers, and also Simian, Bob Marley, Suede and The Magic Numbers. her work has appeared in many international publications such as Relax, Idea and Atmnosphere and she has worked for fashion brands including Levis, Lee and Adidas.