Jerry Seinfeld Just Visited A Melbs Mural To Prove He Loves Hugs, Actually

Jerry Seinfeld is in Australia right now, and he’s taken a brief sojourn from his rigorous touring schedule to repudiate the defamatory claim by some Melbourne street art that he doesn’t like hugging. He does like hugging, okay?

The proof is in the pudding, folks:

Of course, the street art in question is a reference to the now-infamous incident in which Seinfeld rejected a hug from Kesha at a red carpet event because he didn’t know who she was. NOT because he doesn’t like hugging – as proven by the image above!

(I won’t lie though – that is an awkward-looking hug. Were I a cynic, I’d say that neither man is truly enjoying it.)

If you live under a rock or have sworn off Seinfeld-related content as part of some kind of religious practice or ritual and somehow missed the original event… here it is: