Screen Dreams: Female Idols in GIF format

Thematically, we’ve been steering the ‘Yeah, Women’ campaign trail fairly hard of late, and we can attribute this to our feverish collective excitement for the 2013 Pedestrian.TV Bachelorette of the Year, brought to you by the really, really ridiculously looking MINI Raynominees for which are currently being accepted here. Who’s eligible? You, or one of your female friends, providing you/she is unmarried and a proper legend. We should also mention that the winner receives two tickets to one of the grandest places on earth – The Future! (Japan)

Thus far we’ve brought you edits of our favourite Sassy Moments of Women in Film and Powerful Anthems for Women. This time, we present profoundly excellent women from the small and big screens that we want to cut out and keep, transport into real life, breathe the same air as, be around, just be. Pivotal or at least very, very memorable to the pop culture landscape, these are a few of our screen idols. 

Daria Morgendorffer in Daria
Ah, Daria. Deadpan, sardonic Daria. Sarcastic Daria. Dissident to the concept of sexuality Daria. A godsend because: why be a ditzy, slutty teenager when you can be an intelligent semi-asshole? Sorry Quinn, it’s not even because you’re a ranga.
Alabama Whitman in True Romance (Patricia Arquette)
Sexy trashy at its absolute prime. In fact, trash becomes irrelevant when this much southern babe charisma and relentless sunny smiling is on offer. Not without mention is her trailer park-cum-Malibu wardrobe, and her participation in the horniest telephone booth romp we’re aware of. Also, contrary to one discriminatory Meatloaf, she would do anything for love; she would even do THAT.
Liz Lemon in 30 Rock played (Tina Fey)
Eater of feelings, utterer of both sharp-witted jibes and nonsensical spun-gold, represser of sexuality / purveyor of frigidity, good friend, occasional asshole and non-giver of satirical fucks, LL is all that and some. At once, bow down to Your Queen.
Amélie Poulain in Amélie (Audrey Tautou)
Heart of gold and hair-spiration for indie girls everywhere.
Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones (Emilia Clarke)

From humbled, wide-eyed buxom beauty to subservient wife of Khal Drogo and onto bold and fearless leader of her her equestrian peeps, Khaleesi also ate raw horse meat and entered her husband’s funeral pyre to hatch a trio of nondescript animals I mean drgnz.

Isabelle in The Dreamers (Eva Green)
If kind-hearted Amélie above wasn’t fiery enough for you, herein might lie your idea of French femme perfection. Bernardo Bertolucci’s incest-tinged film about kids who live and breathe film has all eyes on just one woman. Articulating words in a slightly gravelly, haughty tone, she has the air of a polished executive, with mad lashings of sexy things. She’s also witty as fuck and if we have to pick one physical thing about her we’re going with that graceful, swan-like neck. We won’t talk about that sex scene, for reasons of vulgarity and spoilers. But yeah, ballsy. 
Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s (Audrey Hepburn)
Okay we acknowledge that she’d be a demanding, self-righteous drag to have around at times. But that stupid darling voice and stupid lovely face are endearing enough that we’d bring Holly to life and hang out with her on a week night.
Elaine Benes in Seinfeld (Julia Louis-Dreyfus)
We won’t get into silly games encircling ranking characters according to likeability or laughability or whatever- that would be ridiculous! And let it be known that Elaine didn’t just make the cut because she’s the only female mainstay on the show. Oh no. She happens to be a mother of a dancer, mad assertive and a ‘fashion icon’ for mildly dishevelled women (you). Helpfully, this is symbolic of your life pulling at the seams more and more each day. 
It doesn’t stop here. Additions are welcome by way of the comments section, and again, those Pedestrian.TV Bachelorette of The Year 2013 nominees go right HERE.