Scarlett Johansson Goes Deep On “Devastating” Nude Photo Leak For 1st Time

Scarlett Johansson has used a recent interview to discuss the intricacies of being the victim of a nude photo hack, saying her 2011 invasion of privacy “was so devastating.” 

In a wide-reaching interview on The Howard Stern Show, the actress recalled how discovering a series of candid images intended for then-husband Ryan Reynolds had been leaked online was “absolutely shocking and devastating at the time.”

The actress said “it was such an invasion.”

“I just felt like as a woman, I felt like it’s such a degrading and awful thing to have to go through that.”

Christopher Chaney, a 35-year-old from Florida, was eventually sentenced to ten years imprisonment for hacking the accounts of Johansson several other women.

Johansson said Chaney “was also impersonating me and trying to get pictures of other people through it,” but said the fact he also targeted two women he knew in person meant “it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with being famous.” 
As the subject of leery, sexist treatment on a worryingly routine basis, Johansson said that invasion of privacy stood out. 
“It feels particularly invasive when you are in the public eye and you’re like, ‘What else can I give you?’”
The Ghost In The Shell star reiterated that Chaney’s actions weren’t even necessarily complex. Worryingly, she explained “it’s not that hard” to perform similar kinds of invasive attacks, warning others to keep an eye on their online security.
“It’s a low-level hacking thing – we’re not talking about the dark web here.”
Johansson has previously discussed the issue for Vanity Fair and some other outlets, but this latest interview is the most in-depth the 32-year-old has publicly discussed the issue.

You can read a full recap of the interview right here.

Source: The Daily Beast / The Howard Stern Show. 
Photo: Jason Merritt / Getty.