SBS Launches On Demand Beta

Finally, you can watch Letters and Numbers whenever you like.

ABC‘s iView has been popular for some time, allowing viewers to access their favourite shows outside the constraints of a single half hour allocation, but SBS On Demand has lagged somewhat in favour. Now, with the more user-friendly On Demand Beta, a huge array of docos, international news programs, multicultural cooking shows, educational quizzes, soccer coverage and artfully pornographic European films can be viewed online shortly after their original broadcast.

Really, it’s like the porn habits of teenagers have come full circle. Who here didn’t used to sneak innocent looks at SBS late at night, in the hope of a sex scene or at least some front-on furry bits, before the internet ruined the thrill of it by making it so easy to find the weirdest shit out there? Listen up, kids: French art house films are way sexier than your one-handed search for elusive amateur DVDA clips. They’re also way more appropriate to quote at parties when you move out of home and become a hipster.